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Media Relations

When the glare of media attention falls on you, your business, office or agency, the right words and message are crucial. When you are seeking news media attention, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it will make the most of that opportunity.

This is the importance attached to understanding how newsrooms work. Knowing how to present a story and sell it to the news media makes the difference, time after time.

Negative attention, however, can threaten everything you have built. A misplaced word or an unintended phrase in response to skeptical or aggressive media questions can create a public relations nightmare.

Sometimes it is important to get out in front of a bad story. On other occasions, reacting is best - as long as the reaction is the right one. The strategies and tactics involved in either case must be fashioned quickly, carefully and thoughtfully.

Korda Communications has 30 years of experience working with the news media. Our work has been used by everything from local to national news media. We are equally at home dealing with print, radio and television.

This is the arena in which Korda Communications works. Successfully.